Why Do You Want To Brush Your Face?
We are all guilty of taking our body’s largest organ, our skin, for granted. As a result, we alternately abuse and neglect it until there’s trouble that can’t be ignored and it calls for extreme measures. The face is a good example of this. Many individuals end up in a dermatologist’s office or spending hundreds of dollars on cleansing and medicating products. Carrying out a timely and reasonable facial routine would have sufficed instead. Such a routine starts with the basics, like getting adequate sleep, refraining from smoking, and eating a healthy diet. If you think the next step is to administer some sort of cleanser or moisturizer, you’re getting ahead of yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with these types of products, one of the building blocks of a truly beautiful complexion begins with a good washing. A washing that both cleans out and opens pores in the face. The kind provided by a facial brush.

Get The Right Brush
The term “brush” can be misleading. We’re not talking about a hairbrush or what one pats on makeup with here, but an electronic device that gently and effectively scrubs and stimulates skin. Below are some of the better ones.

Top Facial Brushes of 2017

1. Mannatech Skincare Brush
This exfoliating brush from Mannatech (learn more) offers the company’s “one minute facial” by using a zonal and auto-stop timer to insure the proper amount of scrubbing. Can be used with plain water and liquid cleanser, and comes with deep and sensitive cleaning settings.

2. Clarisonic
The “granddad” of this type of brush is still a dermatologist favorite and cleans skin six times as effectively as hand washing.

3. Olay
The beauty cream giant’s “Pro X” brush series offers kits for basic and advanced cleaning, plus anti-aging.

4. Lavo
This product’s Giro model offers the softest bristles on the market. The Giro is especially effective with acne.

5. Proactiv
The company’s cleansing brush is an effective exfoliant. However, other “introductory” products must be purchased in order to acquire it.

6. Conair
The “True Radiance” brush offers three speeds plus separate face and body brushes.

The “PureRadiance” model offers different sized bristles on the same brush head for more effective cleaning and exfoliating.

8. Soniclear
This product’s claim to fame is that it offers the “world’s first sonic micro-bacterial cleansing system”. Its Elite model promotes collagen production (heavy.com).