Businesses Dominating the Cayman Islands

Jun 15, 2017

The Fastest Growing Agriturismos in Italy

May 24, 2017

Costa Almeria: Spain’s Best Kept Secret Hideaway

May 1, 2017

The Multi Billion Dollar Redevelopment of LAX

One of America’s busiest airports in undergoing a major face-lift. The Westfield Corporation, a retail development corporation with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, is spearheading the redevelopment of Los Angeles International Airport, a.k.a LAX, that is expected to cost billions. But such an expensive undertaking is needed. Westfield’s Chief Executive, Peter Lowy, was quoted saying “We are fully committed to bringing our global resources and development expertise to deliver an iconic, world-class airport experience.”


Organizations that Help in Ghana

The AVA organization, also known as the Action Volunteer Alliance has been providing schooling and also very careful placement for orphans into families and orphanages where these children are cared for and nurtured longtime. USAid/Ghana Resiliency in Northern Ghana is there to help improve the nutritional status and reduce poverty that is widespread in that country. Islamic Relief USA is an organization which has brought relief in many parts of the world for over 25 years.


Malls and Apartments: A New Planned Community Type?

Brick and mortar shops have been well aware of the competition posed by online retailers for quite some time now, and their solutions to the convenience problems have ranged from the brilliant to the improbable. But now, global mall developer Westfield Corporation may have come up with a powerful way to take advantage of the…


Home windows that are suited for Maryland seasonality

Because of the combination of cold winters and warm summers, residential thompson creek window complaints in the Maryland area often increase when more maintenance, repair, and replacement is neccesary in certin counties. Professional window companies determine whether a window needs replacing or repair. Repairs are common but replacements come in approximately only two sections. These…