It is no secret that Asian cuisine is quickly capturing the hearts, minds, and taste buds of Americans in major metropolitan cities. As a result, Master Asian chefs are opening world-class restaurants whose five-star dining enlivens the taste buds like no other cuisine on the planet. When in Boston, you have an ideal opportunity to taste some of the best Asian cuisine that the nation has to offer. The following Asian restaurants are ranked among the best that Boston has to offer.

Anh Hong

Located in the heart of Dorchester, this Asian dining establishment gives customers a wealth of choices that draw upon classic Vietnamese dishes. One of the most popular selections includes a seven-course experience that offers a stunning depth of flavors. According to critics and local patrons, this destination maintains excellence with its fried quail. The food is extraordinary while still maintaining reasonable prices. In most cases, two people can have a generous meal for under $33.

Bon Chon

This location is noted for its extraordinary Korean-fried chicken. Bon Chon is located in Harvard Square, an extremely popular destination for fine, local dining. The dishes that are available are extremely unique, intriguing customers on many levels. One of the richest offerings is the fried seafood pancake. The dish is topped with bonito flakes while the cake is sliced into individual wedges. Also popular at this Asian restaurant are the caramelized and butter-glazed cephalopods.

Chili Garden

Medford is home to a wonderful local Asian restaurant whose claim to fame is a variety of spicy, Szechuan specials. There are also mouth-watering dishes that revolve around Mapo tofu, black beans, ground beef, and smoked pork belly. The majority of the menu is somewhat spicy, including ingredients such as tossed leeks, red chilies, and sweet and sour cabbage. There are also mild offerings for lovers of Asian food that is easier on the palette.

Doowee and Rice

This restaurant in Somerville is run by Duy Tran, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. He has made his culinary name based on innovative rice dishes that form the heart of the menu at Doowee and Rice. Customers also rave about the bao baos that are fluffy and stuffed with ginger chicken. Also popular among the variety of dishes are the Vietnamese rice noodles. They come with a huge range of possible proteins that include marinated chicken or the tenderest of braised beef. Some of the delicate ingredients that add to the depth of flavor include scallions, fried shallots, fish sauce, and peanuts.