If you’re deciding on a place to visit that isn’t a common tourist trap like Barcelona or Madrid, you may want to consider Costa Almeria. Even though a lot of tourists do go there, it has a very unique vibe and almost seems as if it’s a bit separate from what many know as Spain. Additionally, you’ll find that this has a very rich history and food culture that separates itself from the pack. Here are some reasons why you should visit Costa Almeria.

Great sights to view 

It has a number of beaches to your liking if you want the more popular destination such as Roquetas de Mar. If you want more privacy in a secluded area, Playa de los Muertos is a great choice. You should also check out Agua Amarga because there’s a great picturesque kind of vibe which makes it perfect for taking pictures. If the beach isn’t your vibe, check out the Museo de Almeria which has a great prehistoric archive along with Hispanic-Arab ceramics.


This place actually has quite a history with Romans taking over the country in the 4th century. Spanish is actually a very close derivative of Latin. Of course, Spain also became a Christian country due to the conquer. Like a lot of conquered countries, Spain became a victim of losing it’s early identity to more of Christian based way of life. You can find a lot of history still laying in different museums in Costa Almeria. They provide great detail and show artifacts from that time period.

Try some of the food

Due to the location of this area, there’s a lot of Mediterranean based styles that strongly influenced the taste buds. You can expect a bunch of seafood in the restaurants especially fried seafood. You can even find Italian restaurants for a bit of a higher price such as Amore e Fantasía. You can taste some great chocolate souffle along with ice cream. Additionally, you’ll find great pizza and pasta based dishes.

If you want a solid vibe in your vacation, Costa Almeria is certainly a great place to visit. View some of the incredible beaches to either relax or find yourself among many tourists. Get a taste of the history of the country as well as some culture by visiting the museums. End your evening with an excellent meal and a dessert.