A storm door is, in short, an extra door that adds ventilation and protects your home from elements like wind and rain. Some need physical removal of the glass when they are not in use, but others, often in more mild or predictable climates, are retractable or ventilated–though they all serve the same purpose, which is to keep the elements out and comfort in. Installing storm doors will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Storm doors’ efficiency is because of their configuration. With multiple glass panels, the storm doors reduce the flow of heat into your home during the warmer months. This same layering of glass also protects against the elements when winter comes around. Energy efficient storm doors (read more) are also often made with polyurethane, or wood cladding at their core. This is why these high quality doors keep your energy bill low and your home comfortable.

One important disclaimer to make about storm doors is that they don’t work as a perfect alternative to an old or subpar front door. Though they do enhance energy efficiency and may temporarily help a leaky or thin door, it is more advisable to repair the door itself in addition to adding the storm door. Yet once your front door is well-fixed, adding storm doors can help immensely improve energy efficiency, on top of adding style and maximum protection for your home.