Often times, United States relief organizations reach out to distressed areas all over the world. Their relief organizations provide financial assistance, food, medicine, elderly services, at risk youth programs, and more. Millions of lives have been saved by the efforts of their charity organizations. The United States serves a global network of individuals during a crisis situation or disaster. Most relief organizations operate from an office area or specifically from a website. However, when the United States is in need of disaster relief, there are a few Islamic relief programs that are prepared to provide charity during any emergency situation.

Islamic Relief USA

islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) is based in Alexandria, Virginia and has been serving the US and other distressed areas for over 25 years. They’re a non-profit organization powered by a hands connect approach to charity. They recently organized a volunteer program to celebrate Martin Lither King Day, but typically provide services for disaster relief in the US. For instance, residents of North Carolina who had their homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 are receiving assistance from the IRUSA to help rebuild their damaged homes and communities.


The ICNA USA is a non-profit organization aimed at helping women, children, and refugees in the US. Thousands of people migrate to the US each year from war torn areas like Syria. Their programs put together food packs, shelter, medical services, and more. They have been proudly serving the US for over 50 years. Thousands of refugees who flee to the United States have received assistance each year. Anyone interested in relief are encouraged to visit the official ICNA USA website for assistance. You’ll also find information on how to volunteer, donate, or learn more about their non-profit disaster relief organization.

There are several ways to quality for aid, but most US residents have had to receive assistance because of severe weather due to the threat of global warming. More importantly, the needs of children and women are important to most Islamic programs serving the nation. The talk of terrorist Muslims have created unrest in the US, but these organizations are able to document all refugees and provide well needed assistance. If you’re in need of assistance learn more about Islamic relief organizations for the US, you’re invited to do an online search for details and assistance today.