Chechen people have endured over two decades of violent turmoil. They have had their region’s economic conditions, jobs and general lifestyle destroyed by war. Chechnya is one of the most difficult parts of the world for humanitarian efforts to reach those in need. Here are three charitable organizations building both a worldwide awareness, plus helping get essential aid to the people in this war-torn region of the world.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

The ravages of war have left a country without suitable drinking water, food other resources. Chechen children are also subjected to the perils of playing in areas that are dangerously spotted with explosive mines. The International Committee of the Red Cross focuses on the most vulnerable groups in the region. They help provide hospitals for medical assistance and minefield awareness programs to help avoid tragedies.
One of the most important problems that the ICRC has helped address is the staffing and filling of supplies for nine different hospitals in Chechnya. There are also nearly two-dozen medical care facilities where people get everything from emergency first aid to health checkups.

Islamic Relief USA

For the last 25 years, one of the strongest charitable bases for humanitarian efforts has been the Islamic Relief USA. The have strived to work together for a better world for all people. Since the outbreak of two wars in the 1990s, they have been helping to raise both financial supports and awareness for people of Chechnya.
Islamic Relief USA supports hundreds of other efforts to help rebuild the lives of people have been displaced by war and civil unrest. They have worked with the Northern Caucasus since the mid-1990s to assist Chechen peoples caught in the middle of a violent conflict. Concerned people around the world can follow the struggles on social media with daily updates on the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) Linkedin page.

Chechnya Advocacy Network

Established in New York, USA over a decade ago, the Chechnya Advocacy Network is a champion for bringing awareness to others about the plight of the Chechen peoples. They provide a website with detailed information about the socioeconomic crisis that has befallen individuals wrecked by the ravages of war.
There are avenues for people to make financial contributions to help Chechen people, plus ways to donate legal and educational materials. The CAN website shows a schedule of events, most free, that provide information and solutions to human rights campaigns around the world, including Chechnya.
Many times people are caught up in their own lives to realize the horrible conditions that are present every single day in the lives of others. These three organizations present platforms for awareness, plus help to secure the critical donations that help change lives in Chechnya.