There are many charitable organizations that work in Ghana to assist the local people with their lives on a daily basis. There is extreme poverty still in that country today although the Catholic Relief Services has implemented programs to help improve the lives of the children and adults by providing sanitation and clean water supplies, as well as advanced nutrition and consumable resources for effective farm production which in turn will lead to independence in the creation of local food supplies. This organization has been serving over 200,000 locals in Ghana in the field of micro-finance: where small amounts of money are lent to new businesses in developing countries along with a low annual interest.

The AVA organization, also known as the Action Volunteer Alliance has been providing schooling and also very careful placement for orphans into families and orphanages where these children are cared for and nurtured longtime. Many volunteers who care for these children give them the love and support they need and teach these children life skills which they can use on a long term basis.
These individuals also help them with chores, homework, play games with them and are deeply saturated in their daily lives as aids and social workers.

Islamic Relief USA is an organization which has brought relief in many parts of the world for over 25 years. This organization with offices in California, Texas, Florida, Virginia and New Jersey has a large national volunteer staff that has been crucial in providing relief in Ghana. The IRU has provided programs of public awareness to raise the funds needed in their various projects. Their aim is to create a world free of poverty. They are empowering individuals locally in Ghana to create a better life which includes overall better health and nutrition for the peoples who live within the country. They also provide programs for women and children, as well as education and emergency response.

USAid/Ghana Resiliency in Northern Ghana is there to help improve the nutritional status and reduce poverty that is widespread in that country. By introducing quality nutritional programs and aiding in the improvement of hygiene related to women and children. There is the creation of opportunities for more than 23,000 disadvantaged youth throughout the region. Technical education and capacity building, as well as technical training and employment opportunities for skilled younger individuals is one of the number one goals of this organization.