Juicing is the latest fad, and a healthy one at that. From coast to coast the trend is spreading, picking up speed. It doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon, if ever. After all, who wouldn’t want to drink a nice sweet juice that offers a ton of health benefits?

OnJuice Bar is one of the many popular places to pick up one of these juices, located in Aventura Mall (owned by CEO Jackie Soffer) in Miami, Florida. They have a variety of flavors, and use a special pressing method that helps to get every bit of vitamins and minerals out of the juice. As an added touch, they even offer delivery.

Jrink is another option available, for those who live in Washington, DC. This company is known for their juice reboots, which involve juicing instead of eating meals. They even offered to subscription services, which is a unique and cool touch.

If you’re looking for a good juicing spot in the Midwest, try Harvest Juicery in Chicago, Illinois. This charming store started as a delivery only program, using 16-ounce glass bottles, giving them the nickname of the modern milkman.

These are only a few of the juice bars out there, and only a few of the health benefits that are offered by these amazing cold pressed juices. Try one for yourself, and see how you feel.

So what’s so good about all of these pressed juices? For one, it’s a great way to start your day. Many people use these juices as a substitute for the breakfast or as a side was something with plenty of protein and whole grains like a cream cheese covered whole-wheat bagel. There is a reason the people use this as a breakfast.

The typical American breakfast, consisting of sugary cereal and not much else will not provide someone with the amount of nutrients that they need. In order to succeed and have optimum concentration levels throughout the day, a person should have plenty of good nutrition in the morning. These juices offer astounding levels of vitamins, a much better source than a multivitamin pill. Additionally, many of these juices contain fiber which is essential for staying full and preventing many kinds of cancer.

Because of the high level of nutrients found in the juice, it can at times be beneficial when it comes to beauty. For example, many proponents of green juices claim to have more youthful, supple and shiny skin.