Relief Organizations That Help In The Distressed Middle East

Relief in war torn areas like the Middle East can help them recovery economically which is essential to a thriving territory. Islamic territories already lack resources like water, agricultural land, and remains a developing country. In this respect, they’re the perfect candidate for humanitarian relief. The Middle East makes up 3.07% of the worlds population, and mainly a Muslim territory. There are some natives who find themselves fleeing from Islamic militants, and need immediate food, water, and shelter. Many relief organizations around the world, and including the US partner with these organizations to provide the necessary funding to help the Middle East.

As an unstable region, humanitarian aid can go a long what towards community growth, and development. Each year millions of their children suffer from the lack of basic resources many of us take for granted each day. Adults and children also be in need of desperate medical attention, or medicine which can only be made available through generous donations. The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund is an example of a non-profit charitable organization offering an array of services including mental health services, medical, and humanitarian aid. Every donation given to PCRF goes towards helping millions of children and their parents, in distresses Islamic regions.

US Based Aid In The Middle East

District of Columbia

The Global Impact Foundation is proudly based in Washington, Seattle, and New York City with Internationally based organizations. Their relief efforts raises resources for the most vulnerable areas in the Middle East. Their focus is clean water, sustainability, child survival, education, health issues, and more.


United Way International is based on Alexandria, VA. They focus on humanitarian aid for many Christians fleeing war torn Syria, and other Middle Eastern regions. They provide help by donating, contributing, and distributing supplies. The United Way International is also known for their volunteer work in underprivileged Islamic regions. They provide water, food, shelter, clothing, and other relief to these crucial areas.

You’re invited to visit these organizations, and others on there website for more details on their relief programs, making a donation, volunteerism, or seeking help. Thousands of lives are saved each year in the Middle East from generous donations. In economic turmoil there are relief organizations who will work diligently to improve, and sustain humanity in the Middle East.