There are three different opinions when it comes to shopping while on vacation. One mindset is that you’re on vacation to relax and shopping is not relaxing. A similar thought is that it is unnecessary to shop while on vacation since you can just go shopping when you’re home.

A different mindset is that you don’t care either way and will enjoy going in a few stores if the opportunity presents itself, but you are not going to carve out time to specifically go shopping. The third mindset is that shopping on vacation is special since there are stores that are unique to wherever you are traveling to. Who doesn’t like to get unique souvenirs while on vacation?

Some of the best duty free shopping is in Grand Cayman. Other good duty free shopping locations include London, Paris, Dubai, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands! The best part of shopping while on vacation is that you truly will find things that are unique to the location and at a duty free price!

Duty free shopping is one of the best things about travelling because duty free shops are exempt from paying local or national taxes since you are going to take the items out of the country.

Oftentimes, duty free shopping is huge in airports especially when it comes to buying alcohol. It can be a lot cheaper to buy alcohol in other countries and then bring it home with you, thus the appeal in duty free alcohol shops. Makeup is another great thing to buy at duty free stores since it is often half off and you can save a lot of money on costly products!