Jackie Soffer serves as co-CEO of Turnberry Associates, and she is making headway for other women who wish to serve in the real estate industry. The industry is filled with people who have chosen to work in commercial or residential real estate, and Jackie Soffer has risen through the ranks to become one of the most powerful women in her field. This article explains how Jackie Soffer offers the finest business instincts to her company.

How Large is Turnberry Associates?
Turnberry Associates is a large real estate firm where Jackie Soffer handles commercial real estate accounts. There are quite a few buildings under her management, and she has created a wonderful portfolio that makes her company much stronger than it ever was. Her expertise provides Turnberry with the profits that are needed to remain in operation, and she has personally created many accounts with her own hard work and sweat.

Why is Jackie Soffer so Effective?
Jackie is a brilliant real estate CEO because she is well-trained and immersed in her field. She has been with Turnberry Associates for quite some time, and she has spent a good part of her career climbing the ladder to become the co-CEO of her company. Her commitment and dedication to her job has shown in her results, and anyone who wishes to learn about commercial real estate may learn quite a lot from Jackie Soffer.

Turnberry Associates is a Household Name
Homeowners around America may not know the name of Turnberry Associates, but they may know the work the company has done for its clients. There are several renters around the country that work under the Turnberry Associates banner, and Jackie Soffer is in contact with the renters on a daily basis to manage their accounts. The proper customer service and management provides an excellent platform for renters and owners of commercial property.

Turnberry Associates is hugely-successful due in large part to the work of Jackie Soffer. She is one of several female executives in the real estate industry, and she is one of the most successful in the history of her industry male or female.